Cisco classrooms

The company staff, business schools and startup incubators

Professional and corporate training

Create an interactive and collaborative digital environment to distribute online courses, integrating services already in use. 

We created an online platform to be used for professional development and the improvement of the capabilities of the company staff.

We designed and developed for one of Cisco’s partners an e-learning platform to be used for training inside the company, in business schools and in startup incubators. The schedule and messaging features, available for both coaches and participants, enable an interactive and engaging educational experience.

Videoconference sessions are made possible thanks to a complete API integration with the team collaboration service Cisco Spark.


Cisco classrooms is a customised version of bSmart Classroom platform, an intuitive environment rich in features where teachers and students/professionals teach and learn collaborating within virtual classrooms.
This solution can be personalised in different educational and corporate contexts to share content and skills, manage and organise activities, communicate.

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