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An educational ecosystem for teaching and learning

We have created the first hub in Italy designed to provide schools, teachers, students and families with educational services and contentbSmart is a platform rich in resources and tools to make learning and teaching in the digital world an effective, simple and innovative experience.

A single account to access all the integrated environments

bSmart’s environments


Virtual classrooms

Free environments and tools to collaborate: it is possible to manage events and calendars, share content within the class and send personal messages.


Repository of resources

Educational content in a personal space that can be enriched with user-generated resources or materials selected from the web.



Tools to create content: notes, vocal notes, maps, lessons and presentations, integrated in the books published on bSmart.


Content store

Purchase of books and educational content to easily enrich the teaching and learning experience from a wide selection of quality materials.


Digital library

In a single library, thousands of resources to be personalised, to be used directly on bSmart and available on any device, both online and offline.


Online tutoring and coaching

Expert tutors available for personal and focused support via chat and videoconference on a handy online platform.


active users


resources by authors / publishers


user-generated resources


virtual classrooms

Communicate your value with bSmart 

Give voice to your activities for the world of Education. 

We support companies in promoting their initiatives for school and training in general by creating focused communications aimed at a specific target: students and teachers.  

Thanks to a wide user base including teachers and students from all over Italy, bSmart offers a privileged channel to engage the main players at school through:

  • customised digital communications
  • multimedia content

For further information please visit the website