eli LINK, augmented reality app 

Students and teachers using ELI La Spiga Edizioni’s textbooks 


Augmented reality for Education


Create an innovative digital experience to bring the publisher’s textbooks to life, making them interactive and multimedia.

We designed and developed an augmented reality app for the Italian publisher ELI La Spiga, in order to turn paper-based books for school into an engaging digital experience. 

Multimedia content is associated to texts and it is activated thanks to a smartphone and tablet app (for iOS and Android) able to identify the pages of a book and show the related digital resources directly on the users’ devices, in real time.
Thanks to this solution, learning activities take place in an immediate and more engaging context, where users are active and receive instant feedback to their actions.

eli LINK is available on the international app stores in three languages: Italian, English and French.


eli LINK is the customised version of our AR+ proprietary app, a flexible product to be configured according to the client’s needs.
An easy-to-use solution for parents, children and students, who can live an innovative learning experience using everyday tools.
A limited investment enables the client to distribute content on different platformsfollowing a very simple, sound and reliable process.