Bibliothèque Hachette FLE

Students and teachers using Hachette’s books

Digital services for international school publishing 

Create digital environments and tools to support the learning and teaching activities in the school context.

Since 2007 we have been Hachette’s partners in France and we have been chosen to design and develop its educational platform.

Our proposal was selected as the best solution for both the technology and educational approach, combining rich tools, ease of use and reliable software. In 2017 Hachette needed to rethink the user experience of its digital textbooks, integrating it with a virtual classroom environment. 

Therefore, we created the new solution for the worldwide distribution of the publisher’s digital books for French-language learners.
The project involved the development of a desktop app (for Mac, Win and Linux), a mobile app (for iOS and Android) and a web access, in addition to the creation of enhanced digital textbooks with multimedia content.


Bibliothèque Hachette FLE is a customised version of bSmart Classroom platform, an intuitive environment rich in features where teachers and students/professionals teach and learn collaborating within virtual classrooms.
This solution can be personalised in different educational and corporate contexts to share content and skills, manage and organise activities, communicate.

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