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bSmart Tutors together with AID for an Online Private Lessons Service Dedicated to Students with Learning Disorders

By B2C Education, Corporate

We are really proud to announce the beginning of an important agreement between bSmart Tutors, bSmart Labs’ service for online private lessons, and the members of AID (the Italian Dyslexia Association), who can now benefit from exclusive and particularly convenient conditions.
AID plays an active and valuable role in this collaboration: by selecting the Tutors who apply to provide students with learning disorders with private lessons, AID assesses the skills and experience of each profile, and gives in this way more value the the website’s offering.

Online Private Lessons with a Team Specialising in Learning Disorders

bSmart Tutors is one of the few services offering online private lessons in Italy that provides students with learning disorders with a group of tutors specialising in creating study plans based on the uniqueness of each student and, therefore, on her or his needs.

The students relying on bSmart Tutors’ service will be supported by experienced Tutors able to deal with the topics tackled in the classroom and set or improve a learning method that can make them independent in their educational challenges.

How Can You Identify Tutors with Specific Skills in Learning Disorders on bSmart Tutors?

bSmart Tutors website offers a dedicated search filter to immediately spot all the Tutors who are suitable to help students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

This team of expert Tutors is divided into two groups: the ones directly approved by AID (called Tutor AID) and those selected by bSmart Tutors‘ team (called Esperto DSA).
Each profile shows a different badge to make this distinction clear, as you can see in the following picture.

Tutor AID e Esperto DSA - Ripetizioni online

bSmart Tutors: Quality Is Our Primary Concern

Since its launch, bSmart Tutors has been introduced on the market not as a simple offering of online lessons, but as a solution for those who are looking for a reliable service to support students in improving their learning method.

Whereas the majority of the competitors has an offering exclusively based on the match between supply and demand, bSmart Tutors stands out for the quality of the relationship among Tutors and students it aims at building.

In order to grant this quality, bSmart Tutors’ team personally selects all the applicants, assessing their experience and skills. Those who become Tutors need to be able to use a clear and understandable language, but above all they have to prove their ability to build an effective dialogue with the most relevant spokespersons when dealing with private lessons: the students’ parents.

This new collaboration between bSmart Tutors and AID proves once again the care bSmart platform puts in creating useful educational services supporting families and young people.


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