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Digital School: bSmart Launches the Ecosystem to Support all the “Animatori Digitali”

More than 300 animatori digitali (the teachers that are to innovate school leveraging digital technology, according to the law 107/2015 promulgated by the Italian Government) and teachers coming from all Italy to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair shared with Applix Education their experiences and needs about how to turn schools into examples of excellence in teaching, also thanks to the innovative driving force of the digital world.

On this occasion, Applix Education presented the new bSmart ecosystem, where animatori and teachers have found a simple and effective solution to manage the change in the school system as defined in the Piano Nazionale Scuola Digitale (National Plan for the Digital School).

“Our platform is immediate, rich and flexible: these characteristics enable teachers to innovate their method and experiment new ways to approach teaching using digital tools, even though they are not technology experts and they don’t have specific technical skills or training ” – says Emanuele Putignano, CEO of Applix Education.

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