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A digital platform to put students looking for help with their homework and exams in touch with selected tutors through a simple and immediate service: bSmart Tutors is the new solution by Applix Education bringing private lessons online.

No software to be installed, a simple Internet connection is all users need; and once they have signed up for bSmart Tutors, they can immediately access all the other digital services of bSmart’s educational ecosystem, including content, tools and resources to teach and learn.

“Trying to innovate the world of schools might seem a difficult and ambitious challenge, but Applix Education is willing to take it up and win it” says Emanuele Putignano, CEO of Applix Education. “Through the online tutoring service and all the other solutions provided to teachers and students by bSmart platform, that allows to enhance the learning and teaching processes that are proving to be effective in the best Italian and international experiences and to make them available and practicable”.

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