Creation of an app for a multimedia and interactive studying 

Italy 🇮🇹


Primary and secondary school students and teachers who want to use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to immediately access the digital resources linked to the pages of the paper textbooks on which they are studying

Design and development of an app for both Android and iOS versions, starting from the basic bSmart AR version; naming, logos and colors are chosen by the client. In addition, already available modules and features  can be added, removed or customized at your request

Immediately access (without log-in and sign-up) through your smartphone (or tablet) to the digital resources of the page on which you are studying, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the frontal and traditional paper study, without sacrificing the book

Studying in a traditional way, but integrating multimedia and all the resources that digital offers

Lattes Play allows you to access to the multimedia content of Lattes textbooks.

The application can be downloaded for free from Android and iOS stores by any user, and can be installed on both tablets and smartphones. The application works if connected to the internet, but also offline if the user wants to consult resources (among those that do not include streaming or live connection) already downloaded on the device.

There is no log-in: anyone who has a book for augmented reality can activate its resources on the app.

The key features that are fundamental for the user’s perception of quality are:

Recognition of the cover picture

  • the user frames and takes a photo of the page of the book
  • the graphic elements of the page end up in the dedicated database, and the app is returned with the unique ID of the corresponding page and its resources

The choice and the download of the resource

  • the app displays the list of resources associated with the page and let the user open them

Viewing of the resource on the player

  • the single resource activated and downloaded by the user from the list is displayed with its player in the app

The app, finally, allows you to save:

  • your favourite books
  • the list of your favourite resources
  • the history of the resources consulted