Creating an interactive online magazine

Children, young people and their parents and teachers

Initiatives supporting educational projects

Providing La mobilità si fa in 4 – Arval’s road safety project – with a website collecting specific content and activities.

We have created an online magazine to make children and adults aware of the importance of a more conscious mobility.

Visiting the website La mobilità si fa in 4, each month users can find new materials and tips offered by Arval – a company specialising in vehicle leasing and fleet management – to encourage a safe, eco-friendly, shared and smart approach to mobility.

The homepage displays content divided into five sections: articles dealing with the topics related to project’s mission; corporate news about Arval; interactive quizzes; fun facts; “missions” to carry out to experience sustainable mobility.
Another page is focused on Progetto scuola, a game-based learning project for schools promoted by Arval to support an environmentally-friendly future for urban transport.