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Webinar bSmart

Do You Know bSmart Educational Platform? – Free Webinar

By Éducation B2C

You’ve already registered to bSmart but you still don’t know how to use it in the best way?

On Wednesday 11th May at 3:30 pm live streaming on YouTube, Michela Barbieri – Co-Founder and R&D Officer of Applix Education – is holding a free online event in Italian for all the teachers who are interested in digital technology and would like to use it while teaching in their class.

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Evento Bologna Book Fair2016

Applix, Here Is the Future of the Content for Children and Young People

By Applix Education, Éducation B2C

Digital School: bSmart Launches the Ecosystem to Support all the “Animatori Digitali”

More than 300 animatori digitali (the teachers that are to innovate school leveraging digital technology, according to the law 107/2015 promulgated by the Italian Government) and teachers coming from all Italy to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair shared with Applix Education their experiences and needs about how to turn schools into examples of excellence in teaching, also thanks to the innovative driving force of the digital world.

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Italian School Is More and More Digital

By Éducation B2C

Thanks to by Applix Education, more than 250,000 Italian students and teachers can already experience the potential of digital learning and teaching at school and at home

According to the Digital School National Plan, today 8,500 schools will start selecting an « Animatore digitale » who will promote innovative digital solutions involving the whole school community.

This and many other activities supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research for the digitisation of schools were among the most relevant topics discussed during the Italian Digital Day, held in Turin on 21st November in the presence of the President of the Council of Ministers of Italy Matteo Renzi.

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Students have a single rucksack for all their books; why shouldn't there be a single place to buy them?

Emanuele Putignano, CEO of Applix Education for Webnews
Emanuele Putignano - La7

Digital Solutions for the New School Year

By Éducation B2C

Online purchase of textbooks is now an effective solution to save time and money at the beginning of a new school year. Emanuele Putignano – Founder of bSmart and CEO of Applix Education – in an interview for the Italian TV channel La7,  explains how students and their families can have a 15% discount and receive the books directly at home.

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Back to School with bSmart

By Éducation B2C

A new school year is about to begin, with textbooks and all the necessary material to be bought, meaning big expenses for families.

Corriere Innovazione collects in an article some suggestions that allow to cut down on time and costs through Apps and new technology. Among these, there is also bSmart by Applix Education: at you can purchase textbooks with a 15% discount and immediately activate the digital version without additional costs.

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