Multimedia training courses

2000 agents in training to become managers
6000 promoters and managers


Professional corporate training


Create interactive training experiences to acquire knowledge and skills, specifically aimed at different key roles in the company.

We saw to the consulting, the design and the development of Banca Mediolanum’s distance learning courses. 

Interactive storytelling

For 2000 agents in training to become managers, we designed an interactive storytelling of the corporate values through the life of a historical figure. Starting from interviews to the best managers and the identification of the training goals, we wrote the debriefing activities, designing and creating both the animations and the learning tools integrated in the company campus.

Role-playing and simulations

We took care of the whole creation process of an online/offline training experience aimed at 6000 promoters and managers for the acquisition of sale and client management skills. Analysing the activities of the best performers, we saw to the concept, the writing of the content and the creation of the role-playing activities enabling agents to experience typical situations associated to the sale of a product and to the management of a client’s objections. The product allowed to acquire complex competences in a simulated context, with an approach that was used for the company’s following courses as well.

Simulation software

We also developed a digital tool to fit another specific need: changing the agents’ negative opinion of mortgages and provide them with the strategies, processes and skills that are fundamental in order to manage the product correctly. Therefore, we created a tailor-made simulation software to test and understand the complex dynamics underlying the sale of mortgages: sales grew by 35% after the first distribution of the course and the software became a working tool used daily by the agents.

We supported the client all along the development of the projects in order to find the best solutions to their needs.